Virtual designs into physical objects/See also

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  • Open Source Ecology / 'Open Farm Tech' where many open-source manufacturing systems are being tested in the field (metaphorically and literally)
  • Thingyverse - online repository of three-dimensional models that can be downloaded and fabricated (or upload your own!)
  • SKDB (Social engineering-Knowledge Database) - An evolving system for automating manufacturing processes for open-source hardware. "Apt-get for real stuff" if you are familiar with the Debian 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg or Ubuntu 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg Linux distributions - a reference to software installation with automated dependency resolution. With SKDB the dependencies are the sub-components and manufacturing processes for the object/machine being created. The intention is that the processes can also be tailored to the fabrication equipment you have at your disposal.
  • Erik de Bruijn MSc thesis on 'The viability of the Open Source development model for the design of physical objects' - lessons learned from the RepRap project (2010)
  • 'Open Manufacturing' Google Group (mailing list)