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Open Source Ecology is a movement dedicated to building the world's first replicable, open source, modern off-grid global village - to transcend survival and evolve to freedom. We are farmer scientists - working to develop a world class research center for decentralization technologies using open source permaculture and technology to work together for providing basic needs and self replicating the entire operation at the cost of scrap metal.
We seek societal transformation through interconnected self-sufficient villages and homes. This is a stepping stone to transcending survival and evolving to freedom. Factor e Farm is the land-based facility where we put this theory into practice. Our means of achieving these goals is the 'Global Village Construction Set'.

Factor e Farm in Missouri is where the project is being first implemented. The idea being that it can be easily duplicated around the world.

"Charles presented and supported several contrarian views - namely that we already have abundance of energy, material, intelligence resources. That’s exactly what we say at Factor e Farm - and we are on our way to demonstrate that these resources can be tapped on the scale of a single, small land parcel." - Marcin Jakubowski