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Priorities list

  • adciv email
  • Post-scarcity pic
  • Automated construction
  • Open source CAD project info


  • CAD assemblies warpable subject to functional specs
  • Social elements aspects enabled by the technological base layer
  • Energy efficiency
  • Refs for energy availability
  • CNC
  • Note about bug finding and bug fixing being easier and more intuitive with physical designs than with software
  • micro generation
  • Notes on Nanotech
  • Focus on people being able to do things for themselves and shares means for survival - not just advanced automated infrastructure
  • Book list: democratizing innovation, Anderson 'free' etc etc
  • Human psychology section


  • Templates representing main sections. Currently huge pain if want to rename a section. Have a meta name that doesn't change (as a template). Doesn't stop having to rename all sub-section panes, but helps with site map, general hyperlinks dotted around and tour links.
  • Bold point in a panel perhaps linked with navigation. Quoted sections to stand out.


  • Wikipedia and BBC links with icons
  • Update instructions with my updated ones from other wiki
  • Change "Fundamental resources" to "Abundance of fundamental resources"
  • Keywords i.e. open design, open-source design etc.
  • v. light grey grid behind white panes
  • wikipedia link template that puts a small wikipedia icon after the link rather than the external link icon
  • Tour links need the page titles as labels?


  • Open design + Advanced automation + abundance of raw materials and energy = viable post-scarcity age
  • Explaining the background, reality and consequences of free software vs. open-source
  • Section on individual longevity
  • What limits do we have? Real estate, damaging the environment and inertia of society
  • No such thing as utopia. All I am ultimately saying is that things could be a lot better than they currently are. This is about optimising humanity, not perfecting it.
  • Open government
  • Transition period
  • Changes to society

Philosophy of this website

  • Focus is technology and concepts that can be plausibly achieved with current technology and know-how. Many things mentioned on this site might sound implausible if open collaborative design and closed-loop automation are not understood.

Interesting links that don't have a home yet

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Screenshot of 'Blender'

Printable version.

"So what becomes possible?"

'Closed-loop automation' and 'automated infrastructure' are parts of the same things, not quite why I split them out - -I think they need to be merged again.

Maybe if 'intro' sections were in the template namespace the pages that incorporate them would need manual refreshing via cache-purge...

one paragraph intro too.

One sentence intro:
open collaborative design and advanced self-maintaining automation creating a new age of post scarcity


Post scarcity through self-maintaining automation and open collaborative design

Text under photo banner could be:

Engineering Post Scarcity
Attempting to explain how we can engineer a true post-scarcity age

Possibility of open-source companies in transition period to post-scarcity era. Completely transparent, user contributed, lowering costs, rather than maximising profits. Could be applied to anything from transport companies to manufacturing plants (those that remain after personal fabbing becomes prevalent).

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Site map for all main sections - clickable mindmap?

Need to have american spelling of 'advanced civilization' somewhere so picked up on search engines

Perhaps logo text should read 'AdCiv' rather than 'adciv'

Upload warning if file greater than 150K - needs changing

The fact that free and open methodologies and frameworks will constantly evolve and improve - we are just at the beginning.

Should be noted that although the core concepts of adciv appear to magnify each other's capabilities they are not ultimately dependant on each other (e.g. open collaborative design and advanced automation). If it turns out that one is fatally flawed for some reason, it doesn't actually affect the viability of the other core concepts.

More explicit impact on economics

Life extension



Could open-source co-operative 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg businesses be the ideal business entity for the transitional period before true post-scarcity? See also User talk:PatrickA and


List of interesting and relevant books. Either add to relevant section or have a book section

  • The Best That Money Can’t Buy
  • Wikinomics
  • We think
  • Here Comes Everybody 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Clay Shirky
  • Prof. Eric Von Hippel - Democratizing Innovation
  • Yochai Benkler
  • Free Culture by Stanford University law prof. Lawrence Lessig