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Welcome to AdCiv.org :: Advanced Civilization through Post-Scarcity :: Post-Scarcity through Open Design

<<Under construction>> This website is a collaborative space for developing ideas and practical solutions to help bring forward the anticipated post-scarcity age. Concepts likely to take us to the next level of civilization, allowing solutions to whole classes of contemporary problems to emerge, and enabling us to achieve things that are not currently feasible.

The hope is that forward thinking engineers, designers and others who are interested in the main themes of Adciv.org (see below) can use this website as a place to work together and help evolve them into workable solutions for the benefit of everyone. This website is a wiki, meaning the content is editable collaboratively so contributors can add text, images and upload other files straight through the browser.

Nothing coming from this project will be proprietary - all knowledge and developments will be openly available to all. Those who feel they have skills or time to contribute to this project please see the organizational efforts page.

Core concepts

Below are two central concepts that together with our fundamental resources have the potential to give the global population the material necessities it requires while reducing the impact on the environment:

Open design


Open design involves applying the highly successful open source software methodologies to the design of artifacts and systems in the physical world. The designs are freely available for anyone to use and help evolve. From the simplest things that can be made by individuals and groups, all the way up to large-scale systems of national and global infrastructure.

Design problems get ironed out due to the involvement of enough interested people, among whom are individuals who are able to see what to them is an obvious solution; and as it is a non-proprietary system they are willing help improve it for everyone's benefit. This way of working also minimizes the massive duplication of effort that occurs worldwide today in commercial design and engineering - due to the ways companies are forced to behave, operating within the current economic framework.

See the open design page for more information.

Advanced closed-loop automation


Advanced closed-loop automation is a title for sophisticated industrial systems capable of self-repair, maintenance and even self-assembly that need almost no human interaction to operate, apart from top level guidance. These systems will magnify our capability for production creating as much of anything that is needed while making efficient use of natural resources.

These systems are based on technologies and knowledge that we already possess. No fictional concepts or unattainable artifical intelligence are required. We currently have the ability to create systems that provide for everyone's basic needs and far beyond, with great efficiency and environmental sympathy.

See the advanced automation page for more information.