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Quite a lot of AdCiv (education, for example) depends on getting Internet access to everyone. So how is this achieved? Satellite Internet? Long-range WiFi transmitters?

Kigali (capital of Rwanda) recently launched city-wide wireless access.

As of today, 1mb broadband access is a universal human right in Finland --Balatro 00:57, 2 July 2010 (CEST)

There will be 5 billion mobile phones in the world by the end of 2010 [1].
Smartphones will overtake normal mobiles by 2011.
Put these trends together and we're rapidly heading towards a world where everyone has the world's knowledge in their pocket. This spreads the know-how of humanity to everyone, which allows for the implementation of the ideas discussed in Education, Food, Medicine etc.

p2p foundation are developing a roadmap for universal, free, decentralized internet. Wireless mesh networks are part of the puzzle, but will need to be integrated with several other technologies. The upshot of it is that everyone can have free, uncensorable, secure, untakedownable internet access using open source hardware and software. [2], [3]