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Google, Amazon etc. built upon opensource

Panel on why people contribute - perhaps shared with collaborative design section

The amazing complexity of some these projects

Wikimedia commons


Creative commons etc.

Paragraph largely made redundant by the free riders section:

The fact that thousands of other people are able to make use of the software having put in no effort themselves and haven't paid any money simply isn't an issue - after all it effectively costs nothing to replicate the software and the open-source developers are only too happy that it is proving useful to a wider audience. It is truly maximizing it's utility.

Other software to list:

Mention that Google, ebay, amazon, internet are all based on free and open-source software - need to check facts

Explain that within a particular project there is control over who can submit code (i.e. not like wikipedia in that sense)

How everybody wins with open source:

BBC article by Stallman about Free software

Free and open-source software/What is so good about it?

Mythos about OS application development