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Image of rapid prototyped parts

Rapid prototyped moulds and tooling

Sintered metal parts

Selective laser melting (fully dense metal) -

Desktop factory

Selective laser melting


Change title to additive fabrication / 3D printing?

sintered sand for moulds, also direct metal tooling fabrication

Bioprinter: [1] & [2]

Ability to incorporate components during build

July 2011: Small aircraft made entirely on a laser sintering machine can fly at 100mph [3]

Additive fabrication advantages

  • Continuously varying material - Objet has already
  • Colour (Z-Corp)
  • Geometry impossible using any other process.
  • 3D internal patterning
  • True multimaterial (to come)
  • Complex objects can be made as cheaply as simple ones
  • No labour