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Two key principles of this wiki are advanced automation and open collaboration. This page explores the application of these to healthcare, looking at how artificial intelligence can help automate healthcare and open collaboration can provide a more effective translation of knowledge into actual patient care.

The medical systems now in existence are fraught with problems. The enormous amounts of data they gather remain disconnected and scattered, doctors are completely overwhelmed, much research (especially pharmaceutical) is done by private companies who take decades to develop drugs, and an unnecessary scarcity of healthcare lifts it out of the reach of the poor

There is a way out: open source medicine and advanced automation. Use modern information technology to make medical knowledge freely available and share it globally by a standardized system. Develop drugs openly, so that people can pursue the research that matters to them, rather than base it on bottom-line considerations. Organize the medical knowledge of humanity intelligently and put it at the fingertips of every doctor. Automate as much of the medical system as possible (but no more!) to take the strain off doctors.