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These are some examples of open-source software that anyone can freely download and use, or even modify, without restriction

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OpenOffice.org Writer
(word processor)
OpenOffice.org Calc
OpenOffice.org Impress
OpenOffice.org Draw
(vector drawing)
Celestia 3D space simulator
KDE desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Gnome desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Inkscape 2D vector drawing
GIMP bitmap editor
Miro video player with RSS feeds
Blender 3D modelling
FreeMind mind-mapping software
Audacity digital audio editing
Kivio flowchart drawing (Linux only
Mozilla Thunderbird email client
Evolution mail
Evolution calendar
Eclipse software development framework
Xara Xtreme 2D vector drawing (Linux only)
Nvu HTML editing
VNC cross-platform remote control screenshot showing a windows PC controlling a Mac and Linux desktop in separate windows
KDevelop integrated development environment (Linux only)
Firefox web browser
Songbird web-surfing music player
K3b CD and DVD burning (Linux only)
Art of illusion 3D modelling
Scribus desktop publishing
FlightGear flight simulator
Xfce desktop environment for Linux (and Unix)
Ardour digital audio workstation
F-Spot photo manager (Linux only)
Second life virtual world screenshot
Stellarium - accurate representations of the night's sky
Beryl - hardware accelerated 3D window manager for Linux
Vega Strike 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Space flight simulator and trading game
NeoOffice - Version of OpenOffice.org for Apple's
Mac OS X
Freemat - free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing

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