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This 'discussion page' is currently used to hold notes for the development of this website (however it can still be used for discussion)


This method needs better descriptions of what the hell open source methods and principles are.

Open design really ought to be renamed "Open design and engineering" ODE. Or perhaps FODE. Interestingly there is also an open-source physics engine called ODE

Open source hardware

Open culture

The importance of documenting and explaining stuff, both for design and software projects. The more things are made intelligable to others, the more likely it is that people join in and help make stuff happen, better harnessing our collective intelligence. (Humans are lazy yet capable!)

Importance of ease of use of the tools. Lowering the bar for entry and participation and getting started will make all the difference with these things.

Community aspect of open source. People helping each other, supporting each other, working with other. A true community

Arthur C. Clarke quote: "Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction. They may be summed up by the phrases: 1) It's completely impossible. 2) It's possible, but it's not worth doing. 3) I said it was a good idea all along."

Why not already?

{{frame1|So why doesn't this happen already?}}

Suitable tools don't yet exist for it to become mainstream This method of collaborating is not yet widely known Does happen to a certain extend within club and hobbyist networks It is starting to happen - see links

Another motivation to contribute - anti-commercial

Things that need to be explained

  • People often ask: "who has control?" and "can't people sabotage the code/designs" etc. explain about project control, forking etc.
  • Patents
  • Quality control


Fantastic example of what can be done with a little ingenuity and local materials:

  • Open Source Currency - Caston put this section together (sorry I wrongly mentioned Balatro did before). Removed from main article as currency and money simply shouldn't be required in a technological post-scarcity world at least for the signifcant material items and services. There may remain an economy for truly scarce things like old original artwork for example - but this shouldn't affect the average person and their needs, and is not significant scarcity. Money is defined by scarcity and becomes meaningless in a post-scarcity world for normal things. However, may be interesting during transition perhaps, so leaving here for the moment.

Evolutis comments

See events in Greek /Euro Banking.

You just may want to take your sensibilities out for some exercise far, far away from the experts. This ain’t no love story. We are all at risk. So, if your mad enough to listen to someone that no one listens to, then your mad enough indulge a visit to the wrecking yard.

Like a twelve dollar gun, hidden up the snot stained, sleeve of a gangsters’ hoody, the banker keeps his unreasonable sense of determination & intent out of view. So what the hell is wrong gaming the system? The ego-oriented, antiquated system is designed to be gamed. The ego-oriented, antiquated system has seen its’ day in the sun. Yes, the sheeple are finally getting tired of the bullshit. Now the perspiration, leaking from the brim of his Gabbana Red’s, (google world's most expensive sunglasses} sketches an unmanaged path down his pampered cheek. He dabs at the moisture with a thousand dollar bill, he ain’t got a chance; it is time! So slick back your hair, lick your eyebrows and grab your very best example of the “eggbeater centrifuge”; we must not blink, we can do this.

"Most of the world is self-assembly. We are self-assembled systems." George Whitesides

It is time to “assemble” an Exit management matrix from a system of scarcity to one of abundance. Let the triage begin. (}

So, scarcity has conditioned our collective mindset for centuries. Much of the world’s population strongly believes survival and then prosperity and happiness are a function of personal financial wealth. In reality, an empty belief system. Nothing about wealth comes up to the level of being an absolute perquisite for survival, prosperity, or happiness. Mom; day in, day out, washing, folding clothes and placing them neatly in drawers for you, has absolutely no economic value! Mom, is pushed aside under this belief system. A money saving health lab the size of a postage stamp, is pushed aside.(making money trumps health issues everytime) Really, how smart is that?

Perhaps Mom’s invisible giving to you, so you are capable of becoming a investment banker who, comes up with simpleminded complexities like derivatives, to game the entire world, economic system, has been left unexplored. In a system based on usary and scarcity, simplicity is a hard bargain. An important issue to be sure.

How much of airport security would be needed under an economy of abundance? Trapped within this belief system, we can only brood about the connections between war, greed, our religions, world terrorism and money. A complete understatement of human abilities; we have a extremely advanced frontal lobe that allows us to synthesize happiness from watching a sunrise. Common sense rebels. How do we tolerate this imposition to our inherent and creative capabilities? It is just a belief, yet it has persisted since a least, Hammurabi’s time. As it turns out, knowing your brain is being hacked by an ancient, Hammurabi robot doesn’t make it any easier to resist. So, it’s a process with a very, very long beard ...quaintly out of place in the technological world of collaborative design, regenerative medicine, genome sequencing, bacterials, exponential computations capabilities, petaflop, extaflops and mind blowing robotics. In the past lack of technology could be considered a cause of scarcity.

-- user:Evolutis