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Jump to: navigation, search - It's important that we build for good human experience. As the Wikipedia article says: " the new green building design goal should be able to avoid most of the SBS problem sources in the first place". This mostly comes down to avoiding chemicals that are either toxic or outgas toxic things, and materials that harbour mould. - I really like this house. It's disheartening that people still find it newsworthy when someone builds a house that works! --Balatro 19:09, 19 June 2013 (CEST) - Open-source furniture

Mobile livingry

If you have a small, self-sustaining home, why not put wheels on it and take it on the road? Independence from the umbilical cords of power lines, water and sewage pipes etc. allows a house to be mobile.

A vehicle the size of a double-decker bus can sustain two people comfortably.

Mario Pitsch's NOMAD design

Houseboats. Wave power. Vincent Callebaut

Skyships - Autonomous hydrogen airship that never needs to land. Homestead the sky!



Bucky's 'Cloud Nine' concept