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  • The MIT group behind Thinkcycle (open-source design for underserved communities and the environment) and Instructables which is a website to share step-by-step instructions for building things
  • Adrian Bowyer - The RepRap project (an open-source rapid prototyping machine designed to be capable of self-replication), and in a similar vein, Hod Lipson with Fab@Home
  • Marcin Jakubowski and team - Open Source Ecology. Farmer scientists dedicated to building the world's first replicable, open source, modern off-grid global village. Many open-source physical hardware projects being tested in the field (both metaphorically and literally)
  • Terry Hancock - co-founder of Anansi Spaceworks that is attempting to use open source principles to develop space technology. His series of articles titled Towards a free matter economy make interesting reading. Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Massimo Menichinelli - developer of the Open Peer-to-Peer Design concept and design methodology. While Open Design focuses on opening a design project, Open P2P Design focuses on building a community or social system that follows Open P2P principles and organizational forms in order to put in practice a collaborative activity that generates Open Innovations.
  • The Foundation for P2P Alternatives, started by Michel Bauwens, which is a large resource on related topics and in his words "functions as a clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/p2p and commons-oriented initiatives"

...and there must be plenty more...