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See example screenshots below

This page lists good quality free and open-source software that anyone can download at no cost and use or modify freely. Plenty more quality open-source software exists – this is just an introductory sample. Most of these programs are cross-platform, meaning they can be installed on MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The software below is not freeware or shareware, which are both significantly different to open source.

Free and open-source software logos

Operating systems and Desktop environments

Graphics and multimedia

  • GIMP - Bitmap graphics editor, similar to Adobe Photoshop
  • Inkscape 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Vector graphics editor
  • VNC 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform remote desktop utility. For example it enables a Mac to control a Windows or a Linux PC (or vice-versa)
  • Blender 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Advanced 3D modelling and rendering application. Gallery
  • Art of Illusion 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Java-based 3D modelling and rendering application with an intuitive user interface. Gallery
  • VideoLAN 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform media player capable of playing most video filetypes
  • Miro video player - cross-platform media player that can automatically download videos from RSS-based "channels" and play videos sequentially from a playlist
  • Songbird - similar to iTunes with built-in browser. Screencast
  • Audacity 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - digital audio editor
  • Ardour - digital audio workstation
  • Scribus - Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  • F-Spot - Photo manager

Office software

  • OpenOffice.org - office productivity software. Comparable to Microsoft Office. As well as having using an open file format it can read and write Microsoft Office files
  • NeoOffice - Mac OS X version of OpenOffice
  • KOffice 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - office suite for KDE desktop (Unix / Linux)
  • AbiWord - word processor
  • Evolution - personal information manager
  • PDFCreator - creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer (Windows only)

Internet related software

Content management systems

  • Joomla! 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - CMS
  • Alfresco - CMS
  • MediaWiki 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - wiki content management software. AdCiv.org is powered by MediaWiki
  • Drupal 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - modular content management framework and blogging engine
  • Plone 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - python-based CMS

See more open-source CMS software here 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg


  • Celestia 3D space simulation software. For a tour of its capabilities, select 'Run demo' from the 'Help' menu. Gallery and addons
  • NASA worldwind - virtual Earth / Moon / Mars software
  • FlightGear - flight simulator
  • Second life 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - virtual world viewer (as in a virtual reality, rather than a virtual Earth model)
  • FreeMind - mind mapping software
  • Stellarium - planetarium software for accurate representations of the night's sky from any location or time
  • K3b 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - CD and DVD authoring application for Linux
  • phpMyAdmin 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - web front-end for MySQL database management system
  • Vega Strike 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Space flight simulator and trading game
  • Wine - a compatibility layer for computers running Linux that enables them to run many applications that were originally written for MS Windows
  • Freemat - environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing

Programming related

  • Eclipse 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - software framework and Java IDE
  • GTK 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Popular widget toolkit for the X Window System, for creating graphical user interfaces
  • QT toolkit 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - cross-platform application development framework
  • KDevelop 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Programming IDE for Linux / Unix
  • PHP 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - server-side programming language
  • PERL 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Dynamic programming language
  • Python 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - versatile, clean and powerful programming language used for cross-platform desktop applications, server-side scripting for websites, and scripting within java and .net environments
  • GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg
  • MySQL 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Database management system
  • Java 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Programming language
  • Mono 11px-Wikipedia_logo.jpg - Free and open-source crossplatform .NET implementation
  • OpenCV - Real-time computer vision function library

More comprehensive list of open-source software