Abundance Journal/Abundance Vol II, Issue 2

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The field of Attention and Reputation Economics is likely to become its own sub-discipline within Post Scarcity. This issue will consider the key difference between attention/reputation and other forms of currency. Is attention truly scarce? Today's crude reputation metrics and attention filters (Digg, Amazon, Ebay) are primitive and there are many very technical aspects to consider. We urgently need to get started if we are to have any hope of coping with the information overload that will accompany LifeLogging and ubiquitous embedded computing. LifeLogging is potentially the most socially disruptive technology imaginable, and unlike Drexlerian Nanotech—all the enabling technologies are already here. Once lifelogging begins, I anticipate a hard takeoff to a "Sociological Singularity" within a decade as "omniveillance" is the only stable endpoint. A Bill of LifeLogger User Rights and a new Social Compact are required if we are to use lifelogging's potential to enhance sociability rather than degenerate further into a "reality TV" based society. See Doctorow's, Whuffie, DotMK.